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OWON DGE2000 series Arbitrary Waveform Generator

+ 35MHz/70MHz frequency output

+ Max 300MSa/s Sample rate,Vertical resolution 1μHz

+ 14 bits Vertical Resolution,8K Arb waveform length

+ Comprehensive waveform output : 5 basic waveforms,

  and 150 built-in arbitrary waveforms

+ Comprehensive modulation functions : AM, FM, PM, FSK, Sweep, and Burst

+ SCPI supported

+ 3.6 inch (480 × 260 pixels) LCD

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Product Details


Model DGE2035 DGE2070
Channel 2
Frequency Output 35MHz 70MHz
Sample Rate 125MSa/s 300MSa/s
Vertical Resolution 14 bits
Standard Waveform sine, square, pulse, ramp, and noise
Arbitrary Waveform exponential rise, exponential fall, sin(x)/x, step wave,
and others, total 150 built-in waveforms,
and user-defined arbitrary waveform
Sine 1μHz - 35MHz 1μHz - 70MHz
Square 1μHz - 15MHz 1μHz - 20MHz
Pulse 1μHz - 15MHz 1μHz - 20MHz
Ramp 1μHz - 1MHz 1μHz - 2MHz
Noise 20MHz (-3dB,typical)
Arbitrary Waveform 1μHz -10MHz
Frequency Resolution 1 μHz or 7 significant figures
Frequency Stability ±30 ppm at 0±40℃
Frequency Aging Rate ±30 ppm per year
Waveform Length 2 - 8K points
Sample Rate 125Ma/s 300Ma/s
into 50Ω Load 1mVpp - 20Vpp(≤10MHz)
1mVpp - 4Vpp (≤70MHz)
DC Offset Range
±(10 Vpk – Amplitude Vpp/2) high resistance
±(5 Vpk – Amplitude Vpp/2) 50 Ω
DC offset Resolution 1mV or 4digits
Load Impedance 50Ω (typical)
DC offset Accuracy ±(1 % of |setting| + 1 mV + amplitude Vpp x 0.5%)
Type AM, FM, PM, FSK, sweep, Burst
Internal Modulation Frequency 2 mHz to 100 kHz
Carrier Sine, rectangular wave, ramp wave, arbitrary wave(Except DC)
Starting Frequency
2mHz(minimum)/ maximum frequency of corresponding carrier
Termination Frequency
2mHz(minimum)/ maximum frequency of corresponding carrier
Trigger Source internal, manual
Waveform Sine wave, square wave, ramp wave, pulse wave and
arbitrary wave (Except DC)
Types N-Cycle
Trigger source Internal, manual
Carrier frequency 1μHz ≤ Offset ≤ Maximum frequency of corresponding carrier /2
Input / Output
Display 3.6-inch TFT LCD with resolution 480 x 272
Communication Interface USB Device
Mechanical specifications
Dimension (W×H×D) 200mm x 68.5mm x 74.5mm
Weight (without package) 0.5kg


The accessories subject to final delivery.

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  • Q9 Cable
  • Power Adpter
  • BNC to Alligator Clip
  • USB to DC Cord
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