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SPE Series DC Power Supply | New Product Release
- 2021/9/6 8:00:00 -

New Arrival

The SPE series is a constant power switching DC power supply. There are 6 models in the whole series. In the case of constant power 150W/200W/300W, the maximum output voltage can be adjusted to 60V and the maximum output current to 10A according to needs, and the use range is wider.

The SPE power supply uses a 2.8-inch LCD screen, and most of the same price products on the market use LCD digital screens. SPE can more completely display the power status (including voltage/current setting value, voltage/current readback value, power, use time, and voltage limit, current limit and other information).

The main interface innovation supports simultaneous display of voltage and current change curves. This function is convenient for customers to locate the cause of load failure, and is suitable for maintenance and use of mobile phones and computer notebooks.

The SPE power supply can communicate with the computer through the USB interface, supports remote control and multi-group List waveform editing, and supports standard SCPI communication commands, which is convenient for secondary development. In addition, the SPE power supply also has multiple settings to protect your circuit, including: power-on automatic output setting function; overvoltage and overcurrent setting protection function; constant voltage CV/constant current CC function.


You can click to enter the SPE Series DC Power Supply product page of our official website for more parameter details.