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XDS4000 Series Multi-Function Touch Oscilloscope | New Product Release
- 2021/5/26 14:00:00 -

New Arrival

OWON recently released XDS4000 series multi-function digital oscilloscope with a maximum bandwidth of 500MHz, including four basic models of 350MHz, 500MHz, dual-channel/four-channel, with 5GSa/s real-time sampling rate, 400Mpts memory depth, up to 600,000 wfms/s waveform capture rate, 10.4-inch multi-touch capacitive screen makes operation and use more convenient.

XDS4000 is a multifunctional instrument that integrates 7 measurement functions of digital oscilloscope, waveform generator, digital multimeter, FFT spectrum analyzer, frequency counter, protocol analysis, and frequency response analysis. It has a wide range of applications in related fields such as automotive electronics, education and teaching, and electronic circuit design.


 7-into-1 Integrated Oscilloscope

1 Oscilloscope

+  350 MHz, 500 MHz; up to 5 GSa/s real-time sample rate

+  2 or 4 analog channels

+  Standard 400 Mpts memory depth

+  Maximum waveform capture rate of 600,000 wfms/s


2 50MHz Waveform Generator

+ Standard 50MHz single-channel arbitrary waveform output

+ 250 MSa/s sample rate

+ 16k arbitrary waveform length

+ 64 pre-defined waveforms

+ Output amplitude 2mVpp-20Vpp


4 ½ Digits Multimeter with Data Logging Function (option)

+ Support voltage, current, capacitance, resistance, continuity, diode test

+ Built-in data logging function, can analyze the change trend of the measured object for a long time


4 High-precision Frequency Counter

+ 6-digit high-precision frequency counter

+ Support the statistics on the max. and min. values of the frequency


5 Spectrum Analyzer

+ Standard FFT, real-time operation of waveform data

+ Support 4 FFT windows: Rectangular, Hamming, Hanning and Black-harris

+ Max. frequency range: oscilloscope analog bandwidth


6 Protocol Analysis (Option)

Support IIC, SPI, RS232/UART, CAN serial bus decoding function


7 Frequency Characteristic Curve

XDS4000 series can generate the sweep signal of the specified range by controlling the built-in signal generator module and output the signal to the switch power supply to carry out loop analysis test. The bode plot generated from the test can display the gain and phase variations of the system under different frequencies, enabling engineers to get a clear view about data from the bode plot. By analyzing the phase margin (PM) and gain margin (GM), they can judge whether the system is stable. 


Large touch screen

10.4-inch LCD, clear waveform display, the multi-touch screen allows engineers to work more efficiently. The buttons and knobs of the traditional oscilloscope are retained to meet different operating habits.

Multimeter with data logger

XDS4000 can record the data measured by the multimeter in the internal memory or external U disk, and export the CSV format for further analysis. The recording sampling interval can be set, ranging from 0.5s to 10s. Maximum duration: 3 days for internal memory and 10 days for external memory.

You can click to enter the XDS4000 series multifunction oscilloscope product page of our official website for more parameter details.