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Application of OWON Oscilloscope in Automotive Sensors (3)
- 2020/9/29 15:00:00 -

Utilize TAO3000 series tablet oscilloscope to measure air damper sensor

Along with the living standard advances, as the convenient transportation tool, auto has been found everywhere. After generations’ evolution, the high-tech components have been introduced towards the auto, which causes the threshold of auto maintenance to turn high. To measure the auto sensor, DSO is a priority option over other equipment.

The air damper sensor, also been referred to as the “throttle opening sensor”, functions as the one to control the fuel injection level. This sensor transmits the signal of the air damper’s opening position and level to ECU, with which, ECU gives demand to allocate the fuel-injection.

For automatic gearbox through electronic control, the air damper sensor transmits a signal to adjust the gear position.

Considering the importance of the air damper sensors, most autos have been equipped with dual-signal sensors.

The purpose of the air damper sensor measurement is to check the motor status.

The following illustration shows the circuit diagram of Maiten B7, together with the measurement connection points of OWON TAO series DSO (to use TAO3104A as an example), 

B7 circuit

The captured signal comes as,

TAO wave1

To check the sensor signal change onto OWON TAO3104A when working brake: when braking in heavy-down, the voltage of air damper position 1 reflected into CH 1 decreases, waveform shapes concave; the voltage of air damper position 2 reflected into CH 2 increases, waveform shapes convex, the sum of voltages from CH1 and CH2 reads 5V. To co-verify the two sensors from the air damper, when the sum larger or smaller than 5V, the general judgment will tell that something wrong with the sensor.

The captured waveform from the measurement of Maiten magneto-electric crankshaft and Hall Rifle camshaft sensor onto OWON TAO3104A as follows,

TAO wave2

 4-CH TAO3000 Series Tablet Oscilloscope

+ bandwidth up to 120MHz, max real-time sampling rate at 1GSa/s

+ vertical resolution hits 14-bit

+ record length 40M, waveform refreshing rate 75,000 wfms/s

+ low base noise, accurate small-signal capturing

+ miscellaneous triggering/decoding function available

+ SCPI and LabVIEW supported

+ 8’’ 800 x 600 pixels multi-point touch screen

+ multi-CI: USB host, USB device, LAN, and optional Wi-Fi

Tablet oscilloscope

TAO3000 series is equipped with 14-bit high-resolution hardware ADC, the precision is 64 times against other oscilloscope on market. You can observe the waveform details more clearly, and measure the changes of small voltage signals more accurately.

Low background noise allows the oscilloscope to have better small signal measurement capabilities. High storage allows the oscilloscope to acquire longer signals. A high refresh rate allows the oscilloscope to capture waveform details and exceptional events.

TAO3000 series handheld oscilloscopes support multiple trigger modes, including Edge, Video, Pulse, Slope, Runt, Windows, Timeout, I2C, SPI, RS232/UART, CAN, and Nth Edge. Serial bus coding available in I2C, SPI, RS232/UART, and CAN.

Support +, -, *, /, FFT, FFTrms, Intg, Diff, Sqrt, User Defined Function, digital filter (low pass, high pass, bandpass, band reject).

Built-in Wi-Fi module, the user can connect with TAO3000 through a mobile device, realize the same screen display and control, store and view waveform data through the app, share with friends, realize collaborative analysis, and successfully complete the work.


2-CH TAO3000 Series Tablet Oscilloscope

2-in-1: DSO + multimeter

Built-in 4½ digits multimeter, the multimeter interface shows on the same screen with the oscilloscope.

The data logging function of the multimeter can record data for a long time, and export to a CSV file.

Multiple operation methods, make the car maintenance test more convenient.

Handheld oscilloscope