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OWON Share – PC Software for Bluetooth Multimeter released
- 2017/7/19 10:00:00 -

OWON's first Bluetooth smart multimeter launched in 2015. This multimeter comes with a Bluetooth module, in spite of meeting the normal use of the basis of the Bluetooth communication, it can also be connected with the mobile App, and then monitor the real-time measurement results. Products get great response while launched in the year at the major electronics exhibition. OWON has been on the road to innovation and make unremitting efforts this year to respond to customer comments for the Bluetooth multimeter series PC software.


PC software supports the same function as the mobile phone App, users do not need to worry about the operation issue. The only difference is that the PC software requires the Dongle Bluetooth module for signal reception (provided by OWON). USB dongle module is currently optional, users can decide whether add this from their will. PC software currently only support with multimeter models with "+" (e.g. B35+, B35T+), the remaining models will be available in the following period. Please stay tuned.