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OWON new product – XDS 4-channel Oscilloscope
- 2017/7/14 10:00:00 -

OWON launched the third generation of desktop oscilloscope XDS series on 2016. All-in-one workstation is one of the features of this instrument, integrated 25M dual channel signal generator, multimeter and data logger module. Support 14-bit vertical resolution, which can clearly restore the details of the waveform. As for operation, multi-touch capacitive screen leads to fast switch, Wi-Fi function help to facilitate mobile remote control.

At present, in response to market demand, OWON launched XDS four-channel series oscilloscope. With all the features of the XDS series, in addition, its multi-channel broaden the implementation terms of test project. This oscilloscope is ideal for test engineers to perform multiple signal tests, especially in the power field. Currently introduced NDS074U, NDS104U (E) supports up to 14 vertical resolution, respectively, corresponding to 70M and 100MHz bandwidth, 1GS / s maximum sampling rate to meet the engineers daily test requirements. In follow days, OWON will introduce more attractive models, so stay tuned!