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Lilliput (OWON) Product Share - Spectrum Analyzer XSA1000 series
- 2017/6/23 10:00:00 -

In the instrument industry for more than a decade, Lilliput (OWON) has been continuously expanding the product line to meet the needs of instrument enthusiasts. From the former hand-held portable oscilloscope, to the ultra-thin body desktop oscilloscope. The product line also expands, includes with signal generator, programmable power supply, wireless multimeter. This year, one new member adds in Lilliput (OWON) product family product- XSA1000 series spectrum analyzer.

Currently introduced two models XSA1015 and XSA1036, respectively, support 1.5G and 3.6G frequency. 10.4-inch large screen, user-friendly real-time data. The minimum resolution bandwidth of 10Hz, can easily distinguish the weak frequency gap. -130dBm assure less average noise level interfere with the actual data and can observe a weaker signal. The XSA1000 series provides EMI pre-compatibility capabilities to accurately test and diagnose electromagnetic interference.